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Our vision is to change the lives of the 3.7 million Australians who need mental health support, by connecting them with the right psychologist. We want to make the first match the right match, and empower consumers to beat mental illness and live fulfilling lives.

You can support our vision and help influence the development of this important initiative.

Registering with Mindfit and receiving matches is free. You just pay a 9% service fee when a session takes place.

Registration process

Step 1. Complete your details in the form below.

Step 2. We'll contact you to explain the service, answer your questions, and confirm your practice details and areas of specialisation.

Step 3. We'll start to offer you matches with clients who are a good match for your skills and treatment style‚Äč.

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Terms and Services agreement

1 The PsyBA registration types are general, provisional, and non-practising. Clinical psychologists have general registration with a clinical psychology practice endorsement. AHPRA will provide us with your endorsements.

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